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Cross Sizes - A useful Alternative

In case your favorite bra is not available in your size, you can also choose one of the cross sizes. In that case, you will have to simply select the under bust one size bigger and the cup one size smaller - or the other way around. For example, the cross sizes for a bra in 36B would be 38A and 34C. This is possible, because the effective cup size changes in relation to the under bust width. 



Find your correct Bra Size in a few simple Steps

In case you are not sure about your bra size, you can figure it out following the next 3 steps. The only thing you need is a standard measuring tape. Let´s get to it!


The measured Under Bust Width defines your Under Bust Size

Based on your Under Bust Size you can now find your Cup Size.

Start from the left with your Under Bust Size, find your previously measured Bust Size on the right and you will know your correct Cup Size. The combination of Under Bust and Cup Size is your official Bra Size. For example 34 B.